Snippet: sfWidgetFormJQueryDate for Spanish culture

  1. Be sure that sfFormExtraPlugin is installed:

    $ php symfony plugin:install sfFormExtraPlugin
  2. In the template:

    <?php use_javascript('ui/i18n/jquery-ui-i18n.js') ?>
  3. In the filter or form:

    $this->widgetSchema['my_date_field'] = new sfWidgetFormJQueryDate(array(
          'culture' => 'es',
          'format'  => '%day%/%month%/%year%', 
          'config'  => '{"showMonthAfterYear": false, "firstDay": 1 }'

More info on ‘config’ option in

Setting a value to a hidden form symfony field

The case

Sometimes, when creating a new object, we need to give a default value to a specific field but we don’t want this field to be visible in the form.
A tipical example would it be a blog -> post relationship. Where we want the blog_id field to be set automatically but we want it to be hidden.


The mistake

When creating a new post for a blog, we do not want the blog_id field to be visible, so we typically go to PostForm.class.php and unset the field blog_id:

class PostForm extends BasePostForm
  public function configure()
    unset( $this['blog_id'] );

Then, we edit the action class and set a default value for the blog_id field:

// mypoject/modules/post/actions/actions.class.php
class postActions extends sfActions
  public function executeNew(sfWebRequest $request)
    // create the form
    $form = new PostForm();

    // get blog_id parameter from the request
    // and set the default value
    $form->setDefault("blog_id", $request->getParameter('blog_id') );
    $this->form = $form;
  //... rest of actions here ...

Finally, when we try to create a new post, we realize that the blog_id has not been set correctly.

The solution

Instead of unsetting the blog_id field, we have to change its widget to a sfWidgetFormInputHidden:

class PostForm extends BasePostForm
  public function configure()
    // the wrong way in this case
    // unset( $this['blog_id'] );

    // the right way in this case
    $this->widgetSchema['blog_id'] = new sfWidgetFormInputHidden();

This way the field blog_id remains hidden but do exists in the form, so the setDefault method works correctly.